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"COD Auto Buyers is a very professional and generous company. They took my car on the same day and paid me top dollar in cash! I would strongly reccomend them if you want to get rid your junk today."
-John, CT

"Best service you could ask for! They gave me a quote instantly and even came to my house to pickup my vehicle with cash!."
-Stacy, Fl

"Car was gone the same day! I was very surprised as how quick they were. I sold my car to a gentlemen on the phone at about 1:15 in the afternoon. I got a call from a tower about 10 minutes later and my car was picked up 3 hours. THAT WAS ALL!! Very very simple, could not have been happier!"
-Roger, NY

"Superb! I called and within 3 minutes I was given a quote and decided to sell it the car. Was very quick and easy, no hassle of people coming to my house checking the car out, they came paid and towed the car away no questions asked. Thank you!~ "
-Amir, MI

"This was by far the most stressless transaction that I have had in a very long time! I found this site damagedcars.com and filled out the info. Within a few minutes I get a call from his guy David in NYC wanting to buy the jeep my son totalled. He makes me a bid - I call my ex and he says take it (it's better than us parting it out). Before I can call the guy back another guy calls and raises that bid --- sweet, then another caller goes higher. I finally get a hold of David and tell him that the last bid was $XXXX ... he called me back and said he'd match it and SOLD!!! The wrecking service was there the next day to pick up the jeep and hand me check! I would definitely do business with these guys again! Great experience!"


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